Privacy, disclaimers, and important Information

Privacy, disclaimers, and important Information2012-01-31T00:32:41+00:00

Attention! Privacy, Disclaimer, and Important information

All mixes are for promotional use only! We do not host any music files. If provided links are expired we are not responsible for this. We do not record, upload or download these files.

The copyright of a mix or music belongs to the producer.

The mixes are only available in low quality since they mainly should have an informational character.
If someone have any problems with the mix posted here, report to Eternal Media LLC administration and we will remove it from our website.

All members of this site will have their information recorded but not distributed to any third parties. The information gathered from our users is for site analytic information and to improve the overall readership and participation of the website. If you do not wish to become a member then please do not sign up.