Dj X-Factor (Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and House Music)

Dj X Factor has been regarded as one of the top performers in the Southwest scene. As founder of Eternal Dj’s and Old Soul Clothing.  Dj X-Factor is never sitting still and letting things pass him by. He has been in the EDM scene for over a decade and has proven his loyalty to the music that seems to be more underground than anything else out there. Please check out the blog section for mixes to download, and let the mixes do the talking.


Born 1981, in New Jersey Greg Mason aka Dj X-Factor knew that music was in his blood. He would take his moms home stereo and mix tapes over each other and try to dub new tracks. He got his first computer by age 10 and was on his way to writing his first electronic music pieces. At the age of 14 he moved to Chicago where he engaged in the underground rock band “Mud Puppies.” It was then that he knew that music would change his life. In 1997 DJ X-Factor relocated to the desert in Phoenix,AZ. Still trying to maintain a rock stars life he continued playing in bands, but he soon felt that the person who could achieve the sound he wanted was himself. He quickly got into producing dance tracks with his computer and then moved up to producing in a studio environment. That brings us to today. To his credit he has work for major marketing firms like Kramer and Kresault producing music for clients such as MGM Grand and remixing tracks for artists such as Black Eyed Peas and Lenny Kravitz. His discography of world class mixes does his name justice and his music production keeps him ahead of the curve.

Dj Background

Dj X-Factor has been rocking the break beat scene for nearly a decade now and has no plans of stopping any time soon. Born in NJ, but now a resident in Phoenix, AZ Dj X-Factor produces breaks, House, and Drum and Bass. With over 35 individual mixes out on the market it is no wonder that he is one of the most sought after DJ’s in the world. Check out


Nu Skool and Funky breaks, combined with house and Drum and Bass.


B-Side, Simply Jeff, Senbad, Dj Dan, Huda hudia, Hardware, Icey

Equipment / Software

DK10 Drumpad, Juno 106, MicroKorg, Reason 4.0, Logic Studio 9, Recycle, NT1000 Mic, 3 pairs of Technic 1200 MK3, Pioneer Djm 600 mixer, Mackie HR 824 studio monitors,  IMAC 24′ PRESONUS FIREPOD, NOVATION REMOTE 25SL COMPACT MIDI CONTROLLER

DjXfactor Studio Picture


I’m down to collab on Breakbeat, Drum and Bass projects, and experimental Electronica, If you got a break beat then lets do somethin!